Thursday, November 29, 2012

A New Find At The Thrift Store

 I love my neighborhood thrift store.  I have found many good things there.  Tuesday afternoon my daughter and I were coming home from the dentist.  We saw our neighborhood thrift store was open.  They usually only open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for about four hours, but during the holiday season there are open every day.  We stopped and went inside and immediately, my daughter called to me and showed me a doll she had found.  She was excited as she thought the doll was a  Ginny.  She was questioning as the saw Vogue 1975 on the back of the doll, but this doll did not look like the usual Ginny.  In all my research on the Ginny dolls in my previous doll study, I never found the info on a skinny Ginny made by Vogue, but plainly this doll is marked Vogue.  The picture shows her as my daughter purchased her. Another doll mystery to solve.
 A nice find at the local thrift store.
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  1. I think she is a skinny Ginny. I see these on ebay a lot. There must be some info somewhere, because I remember reading it awhile back. Now I wish I could remember where. If it helps, most of the skinny Ginny dolls I see have "Sassoon" on the boxes. I think they designed the clothing for them?

  2. Sure looks like a "skinny Ginny" or a Sassoon Ginny! I like them. Congratulations on a fun find. :)

  3. Hello from Spain: what luck. I'm looking forward to seeing the work you're doing to your new doll. Keep in touch