Friday, November 23, 2012

Dolls and Trunks

Trunk Dolls. - This is an interesting phenomenon for collectors.
What collector does not love all the extra clothing and accessories
that came with these dolls? The lucky little girls that received
them also loved them. Dolls with trunks were made as far back as
have dolls been made. Women through the ages have lovingly taken
 small scraps and made clothing of their dreams for their dolls.
 Instead of a trunk, it could have been any
container of the time with extra clothing tucked inside. In the
1880's some of the French and German fashion dolls had trunk dolls
with extensive fashion dresses. These of course are highly sought by
collectors and have the price tag to match. In the 1930's this
became very popular again and remains so today. The most popular ones
of modern days are the Shirley Temple, Barbie and Gene trunks with
all the extras. Another example of this is the American Girl dolls
and their cases with all the extra fashions and accessories. What
little (or big girl) has not had or wished for one of these.
From time to time in this doll study I will include information on a
trunk doll.