Sunday, June 22, 2014

Shirley Temple and Shirley Temple Dolls

Shirley Temple pictured with her namesake dolls.
These particular dolls appear to be 18 inch Ideal Shirley Temple dolls.
The Ideal Doll company held the license to make a doll in the image of Shirley and to sell them.  There have been through the years many companies that have issued Shirley look alike dolls, but because of copyright, these dolls were never  called Shirley or had any reference to the child star.  They used only her likeness.  Shirley was quite a doll collector.  There are a number of pictures of Shirley and her dolls on the web.  If you google, "pictures of Shirley Temple and her dolls". many will appear.  But......
Shirley had another item that she loved as well as her dolls.  It is not as well known, and there are not many pictures, but Shirley loved and collected Teddy Bears.
Following is a picture of Shirley and some of her bears. 

Shirley Temple And Her Teddy Bear

 Shirley Temple and one of her many Teddy bears 

Shirley Temples Teddy Bears. When collectors think of Shirley Temple 
they immediately think of the beautiful Ideal Shirley Temple Dolls. 
But, Shirley is also famous for her collection of teddy Bears.
There have been many pictures taken of Shirley and her Bears through 
the years. Shirley and her bear "Grumpy" were featured in a major 
movie in 1934 called "Now And Forever", the movie also starred Gary 
Cooper. During the filming Mr. Cooper and Shirley had a drawing 
contest of her bear "Grumpy" who happily posed for them. At the 
completion of the movie Shirley's personal collection consisted of: 
22 dolls, 5 Teddy Bears, 16 books, and a dozen mechanical toys. All 
of this collection was gifts from the leading men in her movies. 
Through the years many dolls, bears and toys were added to her 
collection. The money Shirley made from posing with her collection 
was donated to the Children's Milk Fund for the underprivileged. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Another Fun Item For Our Dolls

Replica Cast Iron Stoves

Most of the small cast iron stoves found today that were made in the 1800 early 1900 time frame were actually salesman's samples.  When the salesmen would travel the country calling on the homeowners it was not possible to take a large cast iron stove with them, so instead these small exact replicas were made to give the homeowner the knowledge of just what they were buying. The owner could also purchase the small stoves as a toy for the children.  They came with small moving parts , such as oven doors that opened and burner plates that could be removed with the little tool that fits into the plate in order to move it to put wood under it to make the fire. There are also warming shelves that open to keep food warm.  Many came complete with small pots and pans that the salesman could also sell the homeowners.  There are many of these small stoves that can be found in antique stores and occasionally a flea market or on the web.  There are many replicas that have been made in recent years.  It is pretty easy to tell the difference between a real antique iron stove and a modern replica.  The antique stoves very very heavy as they were made of heavy iron just like the stoves that were being sold.  The replicas are made of thinner metal and weigh at least half of what the antique one does.   They are perfect to display with antique dolls.   I am fortunate to own three of them.  One is a little larger than the others.  It is very heavy and was purchased from a family that was cleaning out their barn.  It came complete with the burner covers and the lifter tool and several pots. It also has a metal chimney that attaches.  I am also certain without being an expert that this a genuine antique and not a replica.  It is perfect to display with a 14 - 18 inch doll.

My other two stoves are a smaller scale.  One is very heavy for its size and is probably an antique.  It also has the burner plates and a chimney.  The oven doors open and the warming shelves fold down.  The third one is made of thinner metal and is very light weight compared to the other two.  This leads me to believe that it is not as old as the others,  It is also missing some of the burner plates. These smaller stoves are perfect to display with 8 to 12 inch dolls,  and also makes a cute cozy kitchen display with my dolls.  I purchased both of these stoves from yard sale. The lady told me she owned them for many years and was reluctant to sell them, but she was having to downsize to move to a small apartment.  She was very happy to sell them to me to use with my dolls.  I cannot take pictures of mine as they are still packed from my recent move.  Below is a picture of a small stove that is similar to mine, but is missing the chimney attachment.   Notice on the side of the stove the door that swings open to put the wood in for the fire.
  This one it seems was made as a toy for a small child.  The toy stoves are usually smaller than the salesman's samples.  Of the three stoves I have from what I have learned, one is a salesman's sample and the other two are toys.  

This picture was found on the web.   The stove here is the size of my two smaller stoves.

The majority of cast-iron wood stoves one finds in antique shops or  web auctions, are from the early 20th century (or are reproductions!), but this unusual example  is a type found in the 1880s. The large iron kettle and stove-plate lifter came with it. The top rolls into two levels, the oven has a working side-door, and there is an open area in the lower front for warming pots and food. Over-sized flowers in high relief decorate the sides. It is a little large for most dollhouses at 4 inches high x 4½ wide x 4½ deep.

 Description: E:\WEB SITE current\DOLLHOUSES\doll25.jpg

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Celebrate The Day. WORLD DOLL DAY 2014!

Another very small doll display.  The trunk is a small wood box from the Dollar Tree.  The largest doll is about 3 inches tall.  It does not take a lot of large fancy dolls to make a cute display.  Have you made a display to celebrate the day?
Happy World Doll Day to everyone that loves dolls.

More Dolls On Display For World Doll Day

This is a small doll display as the largest doll is only 6 inches tall.

Friday, June 13, 2014


Some more of my favorite dolls.  Parians.  These are inexpensive ones as I cannot afford the really beautiful antique ones, but I love these.  My World Doll Day celebration would not be complete without including them.

cutest doll of all

My fur baby is such a cutie.  She had to join World Doll Day.
Meet Tinker Bell, a four pound 6 ounce chi and pom mix.

Ideal Toni Dolls

            Some of my favorite Toni Dolls.  I love Ideal Toni!
             I had to include Toni in my Doll Day Pictures.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Had To Include This One Of My Antique Dolls And What Makes Her Special In My World Doll Day Celebration.

I had to include this doll in my World Doll Day celebration.  This is a very unique doll.  She was purchased on Ebay from a lady selling dolls for the husband of a deceased long time doll collector.  The information that I received on the doll was that she was made by Adolf Wislizenus (1851 - 1931) of Germany.  The doll had been given to an aunt of the lady and when the aunt died she received the doll.  I love this doll not only because of her history, but she has a very unique look and is very pretty.  I love to know some of the history of my dolls, not only who made them, but the personal information of their former owners. Knowing I am the third owner to love this doll makes her special. When I received her, her hair had been lovingly styled using hairpins by her former owner and I have left it like I received her.

Monday, June 9, 2014

More Dolls Celebrating World Doll Day

Three of my Parian dolls.   
Princess Diana Doll
Just a cute doll in a  pretty crocheted outfit
Bleuette sitting in her chair in a blue crocheted dress
Ready to shop

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Celebrating World Doll Day with other kinds of dolls

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A shelf full of dolls in my curio cabinette.

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World Doll Day 2014 - Bleuette Display

I will be posting a new doll display each day this week in celebration of World Doll Day.
Five of my Bleuettes with some of their favorite dolls.
They all love Mickie and Minnie and some of their 
antique small cloth dolls.