Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Had To Include This One Of My Antique Dolls And What Makes Her Special In My World Doll Day Celebration.

I had to include this doll in my World Doll Day celebration.  This is a very unique doll.  She was purchased on Ebay from a lady selling dolls for the husband of a deceased long time doll collector.  The information that I received on the doll was that she was made by Adolf Wislizenus (1851 - 1931) of Germany.  The doll had been given to an aunt of the lady and when the aunt died she received the doll.  I love this doll not only because of her history, but she has a very unique look and is very pretty.  I love to know some of the history of my dolls, not only who made them, but the personal information of their former owners. Knowing I am the third owner to love this doll makes her special. When I received her, her hair had been lovingly styled using hairpins by her former owner and I have left it like I received her.

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  1. Thanks your for sharing your dolls! You truly and a unique and special collection and this one is the best. I love reading about dolls finding new home and "Mommies" who love them! She is a beauty to treasure. Congratulations.