Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Five Year Anniversary

February 3. 2011 was the date I began Doll College/Beautiful Dolls as a blog .  Before I began the blog, I had written a monthly newsletter on Yahoo called Doll College of Doll Knowledge that I began October 11, 2001. The full name of the blog is Doll College/Beautiful Dolls.  The Doll College portion of the name came from the newsletter I wrote for The Savannah Doll Club, that contained doll club announcements and news which was usually about the history of a doll or how to make a craft for a doll.  Beautiful Dolls had been the name of my doll making business. When trying to decide on a name for my blog I combined the names.
Researching dolls has always interested me.  I love history and all dolls have history and a story to tell.
So, today marks five years of Doll College and I hope that the readers have enjoyed the information  about their dolls and will continue to enjoy Doll College.