Monday, February 17, 2014

A New Year, A New Project

`I love to crochet in the winter.  It is cold where I live.  As a matter of fact it has been very cold this year.  As much as -40/50 wind chill -17 actual degrees.  Brrrrr.  My crochet hook has been busy this winter.  Following is some of the crochet outfits I have made recently and some I have made in the past.
I am posting my crochet pattern that I have used to make many of the dresses pictured.  There are also may free doll dress pattern on the net.  So while it is still cold, grab a crochet hook and dress a doll.

A Complete Crocheted Clothing For Toni including socks

Toni proudly models her new crochet dress, hat and matching socks.  I trimmed the dress with narrow ribbon at the waist and narrow lace at the neckline of the dress and the top edge of her socks.  (See previous posts for directions to make a crochet dress and socks.)
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Free Easy Crochet Doll Dress Pattern

This will fit a 13 to 15 " slim doll using # 10 crochet cotton and a 0 hook.  If you use light weight yarn use a larger needle and the dress will be bigger.  This is a pattern I have used for years and have dressed dolls of several sizes. Most of the dolls I have made dresses for using this pattern are a P 90 (14") and P 91 (15") Toni and a Bleuette (10-3/4")  To adjust to fit Bleuette ( ch 40 instead of 42. I do one less row at the bottom of the bodice and two less rows on the skirt)  I am not a professional and you my have to make adjustments to fit your doll.  If you can chain and double crochet, you can make this dress.  I have used this pattern or just a slight variation to make the doll dresses that are crocheted on this blog.

Chain 42
 Row 1   Double crochet (dc) in 2nd chain (ch) from hook and in the next 5 ch.  2  dc in next ch ( V stitch),  dc in next 8 ch, 2 dc in next ch (V stitch). dc in  next 14 ch.  2 dc in next ch (V stitch). dc in the next 8 ch.  2 dc in next ch (V stitch). dc in remaining ch,  ch 2 and turn.

Row 2   Dc in first dc and in each dc to  first V stitch.  Make V stitch in V stitch.  dc in each dc to next V stitch. Continue to end of row Dc in each dc, V stitch in each V stitch. Ch 2 turn.

Row 3   Repeat row 2.

Row 4   dc in each dc to first V stitch. dc in V stitch, ch 6 and join with dc in next V stitch.  Dc across to next V stitch. dc in V stitch and Ch 6 and join with Dc in next v stitch.  dc to end of row.  ch 2 turn

Row 5, 6, 7,   dc in each dc across.  Ch 2.  turn.  Bodice made.  Try on you doll to check fit before continuing on to make the skirt.

To make skirt :
Row 1  (For a full skirt)  3 dc,  in each dc in bodice. (can do 5 dc in each dc.  Will make a fuller skirt)

Row 2    dc in each dc, ch 2 turn,

Repeat row 2  adding in s few more stitches in each row.  example:  every 6th dc add one more dc. Then the next row down add a dc every 5th dc.
Continue to length desired.  On last row dc in each stitch around.  tie off.
Weave end in.  Decorate with ribbons, lace, beads or small artificial flowers.
Make a pair of matching socks and your doll is dressed. Instructions for the socks are on this blog in a previous post.

Crocheting A Doll Dress

A close up of a bodice

In Progress
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Crochet in progress

I have made the bodice to a dress and added an extra row at the bottom of scollops to finish off the top.  I make a bodice like this to use with a skirt.  This allows me to mix and match.
I am in the process of making a dress.
 I am in the process of making a doll dress.  Above is the completed bodice
I am crocheting  HAT 
The two babies have on crocheted diapers
Posted by PicasaYou can make an endless amount of crochet doll clothing for your dolls.

Crochet Doll Clothes

These are a few dresses and a hat I have made for some of my dolls.

This small five inch doll wears a dress crocheted of # 10 crochet cotton.  The pattern can be found on the internet.  I trimmed the dress with small ribbon at the waist and a small heart shaped button at the neck.

 A Christmas dress for toni made of worsted yarn in three colors.  This pattern was a free pattern also found on the internet.  Green silk ribbon is tied at the waist.

A hat that matches her Christmas dress.
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Crochet clothes For toni1

 Another dress using yarn and a free pattern from the internet.  A nice way to use of scraps of yarn.

A crochet bodice with a matching print cotton fabric skirt.  I used the dress pattern to crochet the bodice and cut a piece of material that I had measured for length allowing enough to hem, and width allowing enough to gather to make a full skirt.

A group picture of crochet clothing.  I love to crochet doll clothing.  It is an innovative and inexpensive way to dress your dolls.  I love that you can use a basic crochet pattern (there are free ones all over the internet.  Just Google:
 free crochet doll dress pattern or use the one posted on this blog.)

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