Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Doll Size Sewing Kit

Make a doll size sewing kit for your dolls
I love tp make things for my dolls.  This is a sewing kit I made some time ago for Toni.  There are cards of rick rack and other trims, cards with buttons, needle packs, sewing instruction book and fat quarters of fabric.  This was a fun project to do.  The instructions and printable items for the kit  are on the Ideal Toni Group site on yahoo.  

My Toni's Sewing Kit

Toni loves to sew with her new sewing kit I made for her.  It is in scale for a 14 - 15 inch dolls and adorable.

There is a sewing book, needle packs, rick rack and binding packs,
cards of buttons, fat quarters of fabric, etc.  All are in scale for Toni.

Buttons and Trim Packs

A close up of the trim packages and the button cards.
I love the little button cards.  The cards and labels are
printed out and the buttons glued on the button cards and
and the labels are printed and cut out.  The trims are
wrapped around a piece of cardboard  and the labels put on.
They look just like the full sized trims.

More Sewing Kit Pictures

A close up of the sewing book and the cute needle packs.
The fat quarters of fabric even have their on printed label.
This was a fun project to do.The basket in the picture is
too small to hold the complete kit, so I am looking for
a suitable sewing basket for the kit.