Sunday, June 22, 2014

Shirley Temple And Her Teddy Bear

 Shirley Temple and one of her many Teddy bears 

Shirley Temples Teddy Bears. When collectors think of Shirley Temple 
they immediately think of the beautiful Ideal Shirley Temple Dolls. 
But, Shirley is also famous for her collection of teddy Bears.
There have been many pictures taken of Shirley and her Bears through 
the years. Shirley and her bear "Grumpy" were featured in a major 
movie in 1934 called "Now And Forever", the movie also starred Gary 
Cooper. During the filming Mr. Cooper and Shirley had a drawing 
contest of her bear "Grumpy" who happily posed for them. At the 
completion of the movie Shirley's personal collection consisted of: 
22 dolls, 5 Teddy Bears, 16 books, and a dozen mechanical toys. All 
of this collection was gifts from the leading men in her movies. 
Through the years many dolls, bears and toys were added to her 
collection. The money Shirley made from posing with her collection 
was donated to the Children's Milk Fund for the underprivileged. 

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