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Bobby Ann, A Trunk Doll Made In 1935.

Bobby Ann

A close up of Bobby Ann made by the Regal Doll Corp of New Jersey.   Bobby Ann was a composition doll  that came with a cardboard trunk in the mid 1930;s.  There have been dolls with trunks of carefully beautifully handmade doll clothes being made for them as long as there have been dolls.
Bobby Ann is considered to be the first of the modern dolls to have a trunk.
 Bobby Anne is 12" tall and is an unmarked all
composition doll, jointed at the shoulders and hips. She has molded painted blonde hair, painted blue eyes and a closed mouth.
Bobby Anne's trunk or carrying case as they sometimes were called had
a rather unusual shape. Most trunks were rectangular, but this case
had the upper outside edges squared off. The trunk measures 13-1/2'
x 9 x 4'. In 1932, the Sears Roebuck catalogue reflecting popular
trends had a whole page devoted to trunk sets. They ranged in price
from .49 to 4.95. 12" seems to have been the most popular size. The
quality and size of the sets accounted for the difference in prices.
It is hard to identify the maker of many these trunk sets.
Bobby Anne is identified by a heart shaped tag, much like the one
used by Effanbee, that identifies her "Bobby Anne A Kiddy Pal Dolly.
She was made by The Regal Manufacturing Company of New York. They
made many medium priced dolls. "Kiddy Pal Dolly" was one of its
registered trademarks. She resembles the Effanbee doll Patsy very
much and was probably issued as a similar looking doll to capture
some of the Patsy market. What is unique about this doll trunk set
is the unusual shape of her trunk and that attracted the attention of
many buyers. Included in the truck with Bobby Anne were two dresses
with matching bonnets, pajamas, a coat and matching tam, shoes, socks
and a pair of roller skates.
There is also another doll that used the name Bobby Anne by Regal.
Her tag is rectangular shaped and instead of painted hair, she has a
short brown curly mohair wig over her painted hair and has blue tin
eyes instead of painted eyes. She was sold as an individual doll
with no trunk. 
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