Saturday, November 17, 2012

A New Dress For Thanksgiving

 There is a blog that I frequently read by a lady that is also a big fan of Bleuette.  Being also a big fan of Bleuette, I enjoy her blog alot.  Posted on her blog one day was a give a away to the first person to post on her blog.  Since I frequently post on her blog, I wrote a post.  Loretta notified me some time later she was sending me a gift.  Shortly a nice package arrived with this fat quarter of fall fabric and some cute fall shapes and a nice card. 

I immediately cut out the dress and as I was working on it, I had to go with my daughter and I was to sit in the car and wait for her.  Since I had decided to hand sew the dress, I took the cut out pieces of fabric and my pincushion and my little stork scissors and a spool of thread with me in a small tote bag.  When we arrived back home, I left the tote bag in the car.   Well you guessed it, the tote bag went missing.  The other day getting some groceries out of the car and I spotted the tote bag under the back seat (it is a three seat van).  How it got there I have no idea.  Well I have now been able to finish the dress, all but buttons etc.  I will post pictures of my doll wearing the dress in a few days.  Thank you Loretta for the nice gift. 
Here is a link to her blog.

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  1. Betty, the dress is very pretty! I'm so glad you liked the pkg! It pays to read my blog. LOL

  2. Very pretty! I love the pattern of the fabric. :o)

  3. Very cute dress! I love the material.

  4. Hello from Spain: Loretta sewed up a pretty dress. I love the color and fabric. Gorgeous. I will visit the blog of Loretta. We keep in touch.