Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lesney's Mid Seventies Skinny Ginny

 In the mid seventies, the Lesney Corp purchased the right to produce the Ginny doll.  In order to bring new interest to Ginny they completely restyled her and changed her chubby body to a slim one.
there were many variations of hair color and styles and collectors like to have one of each.
Some of the popular dolls of the era were school girl dress (pictured), basic jogging Ginny, and Sasoon Ginny.
Lesney also introduced the International Bride series and another Far Way Lands Series.

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  1. This is one of the unique production lines for the Ginny doll because it is the first ever version of the doll that was skinny. But, I think the problem with it is that the outfit of the normal Ginny would not fit on this one because of the difference in body size and shape. It would have been great if they came up with some specially designed outfits for this line of Ginny dolls.

    @Chris Jeffery

  2. I just found a blonde, blue eyed Ginny with Vougue 1977 markings..she's a skinny, naked and obviously well loved...HOPE to find some more pics so I can see what she may have looked like her 'her day'. ;-))