Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Of Nell And Her Trunk

 My doll trunk is a small cedar chest.  I like that it is cedar as it reminds me of the cedar chests that were so popular as hope chests to young girls in the early 1900's until recently.  Cedar is good at protecting everything that is stored in it.

This is a close up of Nell.  I love the china dolls and Nell is a good example.  Even though Nell is not an antique, to me she represents the dolls carried by the little girls traveling with their families in the wagon trains in the early years of settling this wonderful country of ours.  These little girls usually only had one nice china doll in a lifetime and they loved them dearly.

Another picture of Nell sitting in her trunk surrounded by her dresses.  The red and white checked dress and the gray and white suite are both handmade.  The dress Nell is wearing has some sewing done on a machine.  Her pantaloons and slip are handmade. All her clothing is 100% cotton as a doll of that eras clothing would have been.

Nell wearing the red and white check dress sitting on her quilt.  Her quilt is also completely hand stitched.

I will update from time to time the progress on Nell and her trunk.

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  1. How very sweet! I love the old china heads as well. I always wanted a genuine covered wagon doll, but so far haven't been able to find one I could afford! LOL!

    I can;t wait to see what else is added to Nell's trunk.