Sunday, February 17, 2013

Introducing Tipi

Introducing Tipi.
My daughter came in the other day and handed me a bag with the declaration:  I brought something.  This doll was in the bag,  My daughter and I sometime will buy a doll if the price is right for the clothing.  Cheryl said she thought I would like the clothes for Toni. (This doll is the size of the P-90 Toni)  She knows there are very few vinyl dolls I care for.  She had found her at a local Goodwill for $1.99.  I put the doll back in the bag and forgot about her for several days.  When I took her out of the bag for a closer look I realized she was in near mint condition, she began to speak to me.  I had no idea who she was or even how old she was.  I looked at her markings on the back of her neck and wrote them down.  I went to my computer and googled her marking.  Tipi immediately came up.  I have done a copy and paste below from the Playmate Toy Company web site showing the information on Tippi.  I have decided she is a keeper, at least for a while.   

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  1. Yes, she is one of the Heart for Heart Girls. They are quite lovely. Congrats!