Thursday, February 7, 2013

1991 Baby Crissy

Baby Crissy was not issued again until 1991. The Ideal DollCompany had been sold to a company called View-Master Ideal Group a
subsidiary of Tyco toys.
This company issued a sixteen-inch Baby Crissy. She is
wearing a romper with the feet being covered. She has the same eyes
and gro-hair as the original Ideal
Baby Crissy. She also wears a blue chambray dress with
yellow shoes and pink socks. This is the first shoes and socks for
Baby Crissy. Also issued this year is Teeny Baby Crissy, a ten inch
version with a cloth body
and chubby arms and legs. She is wearing a non-removable romper and
has blonde or auburn gro-hair with a ponytail. She has blue glassene
The black version (pictured) ix dressed in yellow and white.

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