Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Doll Value And Keeping Records

Doll # 1
A parian
(white unglazed porcelain) 

Doll # 2
Ideal Toni with original wig, hard plastic, no haircut
clothes not original

Doll # 3
Bleuette reproduction made by Barbie Kanter Goldberg
Porcelain head, composition body

Doll # 4
Ideal Toni, original wig.  Has had a haiircut.
Hard plastic.  Clothes not original.

Doll # 5
Ideal Toni.  Hard plastic.  Original wig, no haircut
Clothes not original

What is you guess at the value of the above dolls?
Why do we need to know and have a record of our dolls?
It is important that you read the next article.

Answers to the above,,,,,,
1 - This doll was sold in a kit to be put together.  The kits were imported from
Japan, by the Kimport Doll Company in the nineteen fifties.  Even though she is beautiful and beautifully dressed she is worth about
25/35.00 as is.

2 - Doll # 2 is all original except for her clothing.  She is in very good condition
Her value about $100/125.00.

3 - Doll # 3 is a reproduction of the french doll Bleuette.  An original Bleuette would cost $4000/5000.  This is a very good reporduction made by one of the better doll artists.  This doll would be worth about $300/350.00.

4 - Doll # 4.  She is an original doll in that she has her original wig, but she has had a haircut.  She also has a small ding in the side of her chin.  While a beautiful doll and beautifull dressed, she would probably sell for about $40/50.00.

doll # 5 is an original Ideal Toni.  Has her original wig and is in very good condition.  Her clothing is not original.  But what made this Toni valuable is she has "root beer"  brown eyes as they are called.  Toni dolls with brown eyes are very rare and valuable.  So even without original clothing, she would be worth about $300/350.00.

Know why should we keep records and know the value of our dolls, the above five dolls have an approximate value of 900/1000.  If I were to die, my family would have no idea of the value of my doll collection.  This is why the need for records on our dolls.  See next article.
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