Thursday, February 7, 2013

1984 Baby Crissy

Posted by Picasa1984. In 1984, Baby Crissy re-appeared. This Baby Crissy looks
                                            different from the other ones. There are now three versions. All
                                            are 18 inches tall instead of the 24 inches. She now has molded hair
                                            with a tuft of real hair in the top front. She has sleep eyes and is
                                            a drink and wet doll. Her diaper set is now in blue and white polka
                                           A second Baby Crissy also sleep eyed, 18 inches, drink and wet doll
                                           with no hair except molded hair. She is wearing a yellow and white
                                           dress and bloomers.
                                           The third version issued this year is the same dolls as the one with
                                           the tuft of hair, but is wearing a long white christening dress and
                                          All of the 1984 dolls were issued in black and white flesh.

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