Thursday, February 7, 2013

Baby Crissy

                                                                                Baby Crissy.  A beautiful Doll by The Ideal Doll
                                                                                Baby Crissy is an example of a doll that has been
                                                                                re-issued many times through the years as the styles of                                      
                                                                               dolls and the fortunes of the companies making them
.This series will show them through the main years of
their popularity as the brand and maker of the doll changed.

Baby Crissy
1973 - Baby Crissy became a part of the doll world in 1973.
 She was introduced by the Ideal Doll Company.  She has the look of the Play Pal 
series of dolls and the reason is Crissy was sculpted by the same artist.
The sweet open smile with the white even row of teeth and large brown
eyes grab your heart. She has exquisitely molded feet and legs with
baby fat. She looks like a real nine-month-old baby. Baby Crissy
also has the long gro-hair ponytail. This doll was made to appeal to
the younger girls. And from 1973 to 1982 her looks never changed.
She can wear real baby clothes and that is why she is often found in
baby clothes. You can't tell what year issue she is without her
original clothes or box. No shoes or socks were ever made for her.
She has the cutest little feet and it would be a shame to cover them.

1973 – 1978. Baby Crissy wore a two piece pink diaper set.
There are some changes in the design of the pocket and collar.
The black Baby Crissy came in an identical lavender diaper set.

I had for many years in my collection a baby Crissy pictured like the one above.
I loved her very much.  She is a beautiful baby and is the size of a nine month old baby.
Her quality when she was made by Ideal Doll Company was excellent.  These dolls still look
good today.  Lucky is the collector that has one in her collection.


  1. Crissy dolls were the first dolls I ever collected. I never had a Baby Crissy, but had all of the others. I no longer have any of them now, but I enjoyed the way back when.

    I didn't realize they did a remake of Baby Crissy in 1995. So that was a surprise! :o)

  2. HelLo from Spain, i like very much your baby Crissy. She is very cute. Her face is very expressive. I like read her history. Keep in touch

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