Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vogue's Toodles 3

 Toodles is an 8" compo little doll  by the Vogue Doll Company that is sometimes referred to as the Pre-Ginny. compo Ginny, or #1 Ginny.  Toodles was never called Ginny.  Early in the production of Toodles, the Vogue Doll Company purchased bodies from Arranbee Doll Company and many of the early Toodles are marked R&B.  Facial features are always painted on with Toodles having eyes always glancing to the right that were almost always blue, except the ethnic dolls that had brown eyes.  The bodies are jointed at the neck, arms and legs.  Beneath the mohair wig is painted on hair.  There are variations in the size and shape of the eyes, and the quality of the painted features varies in quality.  Toodles is most often found in played with condition with the mohair wig being matted and the compo crazed and chipped.  Toodles was manufactured between the years of 1937 - 1948.  Vogue dressed Toodles in well made nicely made clothing of the same quality that they dressed Ginny in.  There are many variations in these pretty little dolls.  The early Toodles were marked R&B instead of Vogue.  When Vogue began to manufacture doll bodies Toodles was marked vogue. Some Toodles bodies were umarked except on the bottom of their shoes.  There are some variation in Toodles that can help identify them. The earlier Toodles had a bulkier body than the later Toodles that had a thinner body.  A few dolls had a thinner arm and a slight bend in the arms.  The Toodles dolls were made of hard plastic in the last years of their manufacture, but still had painted features and a mohair wig.
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  1. This is great info. I always wondered how to tell them all apart. Your blog is always so informative. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  2. Hello from Spain: Thanks for reporting the collection of these dolls. Your blog is always interesting. Keep in touch