Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Berenguer Dolls

Berenguer babies, those cute babies you see in stores and at garage sales and thrift stores with the adorable feet and hands and expressions on their faces that make you smile and want to hug them.  They usually have all vinyl bodies and are almost bald with a shadow of hair painted on.  The sculpting of the little baby feet is adorable, and the hands are just as cute as can be.  The cutest thing about a newborn is their feet and hands and the Sculptor of the Berenguer babies has captured the look.. The new ones you can find on the toy aisles in Wal-mart, Target, k-mart and many other stores.   There are copies of these dolls by other companies, but somehow they seem to just miss that look. Cititoy is one maker that makes dolls similar to the Barenguer's, but are just not as cute.   They are so cute they usually come with minimal clothing as they do not need the extra pop that darling outfits can give a doll.
Jose' Berenguer began a lifelong passion of designing dolls and since the 1950's, the Berenguer Family of Castalla Spain have been sculpting, making and selling dolls.  These dolls are known for their excellent craftmanship..
The most popular dolls in the early days of manufacture were the Chelita and Pepin dolls,  Jose's passion and talent for doll making was passed to his son Salvador in the 1960's.  Salvador Berenguer has personally sculpted many Berenguer dolls that capture the inner beauty and look of innocence of a baby. He is the creative genius behind the designs of today's Berenguer dolls.
Berenguer Dolls is now owned by J. C. Toys.  Salvador Berenguer is the head sculptor at J.C. Toys with offices in Florida, Hong Kong, and Spain. J. C. Toys  first entered into the American Market under the brand name of Berjusa.  Today the company is an international company manufacturing speciality and collectible dolls.  Many of the Berenguer dolls are used by the artists that make the re-born dolls.  All of the dolls are known for  their craftsmanship and quality even though most are inexpensive and have that unique expression created by the Berenguers..  

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