Saturday, October 6, 2012

Getting A Halloween Doll Display Together

 Since Halloween is near, I thought a doll display would be cute.  In looking around I found these items and put this small display together.  The skeletons came from Dollar Tree as did the box that looks like a Halloween house.  The dolls came from McDonald's as a happy meal toy several years ago and the small pumpkins came from the thrift store near my house.  The black tubs were in a pack of 3/1.00, but I don't remember where I bought them.  This is the beginning of my Halloween doll display, but is cute enough to be used as is.  I am in the process of making it larger.  I will post pictures as it progresses.  Are you making a Halloween doll display?  They are easy to do and make doll collecting so much more fun.
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  1. Hello from Spain: in my country this Halloween is not celebrated. Today in school children dress up as ghosts, monsters ... It is not known as a party in America. Your dolls about Hallowen are beautiful and original. We keep in touch.