Friday, October 19, 2012

Vogue's Ginnette

Ginnette. Vogue dolls introduced an 8-inch hard plastic doll in
1948. That doll became Ginny and was an instant success. Ginny is
still in 2012 a very popular doll both to little girls and most
especially to collectors. Very few other dolls have attained such
success and so loved by collectors.
To capitalize on the success of Ginny, Vogue began to design and sell
other dolls that were friends and family members. In 1956, some
eight years after Ginny's introduction the first family member was
introduced. This doll was Ginnette, Ginny's baby sister. While
Ginny is all hard plastic, Ginnette is all vinyl and also came with
clothes, furniture and accessories.
In 1957, Jill, Ginny's big sister was added. In 1958 baby brother
Jimmy joined the family. Also that year Jan, girlfriend of Jill, and
Jeff, Jill's boyfriend joined the family with clothing, furniture and
Ginnette is made of soft flexible vinyl making her soft and cuddly.
They are marked on the lower back: "Vogue Dolls Inc.". The body and
heads are not marked.
Ginnette was a very well dressed baby having some 20 different
outfits and was featured in gift sets with many accessories. There
were seven pieces of furniture issued. The early furniture is
marked: Ginnette" and has pink, blue and yellow bears, elephants and
turtles in the design. There is a baby bath, a drop side crib, a
baby totter and wardrobe. They were made of wood and plastic and
would fold for easy storage.
Ginnette was issued in three basic dolls with different features.
They all had a small baby bottle and could drink and wet. One doll
had painted eyes while two of the dolls had movable eyes and could by
using the bottle even cry real tears. Another had a feature that by
pressing on the stomach, Ginnette would "coo.
Ginnette was quietly discontinued in the early 1960's. These dolls
are highly sought by collectors today.

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