Saturday, June 29, 2013

Making Doll Socks

Need socks for you doll?  They are a simple accessory to make. Take some # 10 cotton thread or whatever size thread you want.  A smaller thread makes a finer sock.  Use a crochet hook (I used a size 1) to get the mesh size you want.  You can use any stitch, but I prefer just a single or double crochet.  Measure your doll from her toes, up the bottom of the foot, over the heel and up the back of the leg to the height you want the sock. Crochet a chain that length.  For a P90, 14 inch Ideal Toni I made a chain 27 chains long. 
I made a length 27 chains long.  Then in the second chain from the hook I did a double crochet and in each chain to the end. (25 double crochet).  Second Row: Chain 2, turn and double crochet in each chain.  Repeat until you have a wide enough rectangle to fit around the dolls foot and leg.  Tie off. Then get a sewing needle and thread with the crochet thread, fold the rectangle in half and sew across one end for the toes and up the sides to the end.  Turn right side out and your sock is made.

A finished pair of socks.  Doll socks are hard to find and expensive to buy.  You can also take the top of a pair of white pantyhose and cut a rectangle and sew them up to make socks. You can add lace to the top edge of the socks to make dressy socks.  If you want a  more tailored sock just make a row of single crochet in a contrasting color at the top of the sock. A simple accessory to make and it completes the outfit.  
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