Saturday, June 15, 2013

Little Girl and Her Doll

 This is the doll by Mary Moline from the Norman Rockwell painting.  I have owned this doll and she is adorable. If I had room I would have a collection of all twenty dolls in this series.  All the dolls were designed from the characters created by Mr Rockwell in his paintings.  Mary Moline did a good job of designing the dolls, but they were made in China and therefore the quality is only fair..  Mrs Moline did capture the spirit and humor of the paintings in the dolls.  As a lover of older dolls, I usually do not care for the newer dolls, but I do like these little dolls a lot.  Shown here is only the little girl and her doll.  I have also seen the Doctor made as a doll to accompany her. 
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