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Deanna Durbin Doll

Deanna Durbin Doll by Ideal. In case you don't know who Deanna
Durbin was, here is her story. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada of
December 4, 1921 as Edna Mae Durbin to British born parents. While
still young the family moved to California. In 1936 at the age of
14, she was signed to a contract with MGM, and given the name Deanna
Durbin. After a short time she was dropped by MGM and was signed by
Universal Pictures when Buddy Rogers was head of the studio.
She was given the role of Penny Craig in the movie "Three Smart
Girls" in 1936. She was coached by Director, Henry Koster and it is
doubtful that she would have achieved the fame she did if it were not
for Koster.
By the time she was 18, her salary was $250,000 per year and was the
highest paid female star in the world. The profits from her first
two movies with Universal Studio are credited with saving the Studio
from bankruptcy.
Her voice was described as natural and beautiful. Her version of the
song, "One Fine Day" from Madame Butterfly with Leopold Stokowski
conducting the orchestra became a classic. Her singing and acting
ability had the world's adulation and she was the most popular female
performer of her day.
What set Deanna Durbin apart from other stars is the fact she was
never comfortable with her stardom. A very private person by nature
all the glitz of stardom made her uneasy. She continued to make hit
movies until 1948 when she made her final movie, "For The Love Of
Mary" and at age 27, she walked away. She today lives in France just
outside Paris and is a widow. Her third husband French Director
Charles David whom she wed in 1950 died in 1999. Her one request of
him when they married was that she be a "nobody". Over all the years
she has refused many requests for films and interviews. She has not
been interviewed since 1949. The only public contact made by her was
several years ago. A rumor was printed in several sources that she
had become very fat. To refute this she sent a current photo of
herself to a newspaper.

As was the custom of the day in the early forties all major movie
stars had a doll named for them. The Ideal Doll Company issued the
Deanna Durbin doll. From 1938 to 1941, the doll was 21 inches tall.
A 24 – 25 inch version was issued only in 1938. In 1939 to 1941 the
doll was issued in 14, 15 & 18 inch tall versions. The doll has an
all composition, jointed body, brown sleep eyes and a brown human
hair wig. Her open smiling mouth has five teeth.
There were a variety of outfits made for the doll. The doll marks on
her head are: Deanna Durbin/Ideal Doll. USA. 

Below is an article I located telling of her death and giving some of her history.

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