Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunny Orange Blossom Doll - Louis Amburg & Sons

Sunny Orange Blossom. This doll manufactured by Louis Amberg & son.
These dolls were made in two sizes. The larger doll was 14 inches
tall and had a ribbon across its chest that read: "Sunny Orange
Maid - Copyright/Louis Amberg & Son 1924. Design Patented."
Sunny Orange Maid was dressed in an orange dress with white and green
lace trim. Her uniqueness came in the hat on her hear this is shaped
and painted to look like an orange. She was made of composition and
has a sound mechanism that was advertised to make a sound like a
squeezed orange.
The smaller doll is 8 inches and is made of paper mache and has her
orange shoes and green socks molded on her feet. She is marked "LA &
S NY. //DRGM". On her back is stamped "Germany". On her head is
also a hat mold painted to look like an orange.
In the early part of the 1900's, it was suggested by the March 1916
issue of Toys and Novelties, a trade magazine based in New York City
to "Make the fourth of July another Christmas". During the summer
when the toy business was slow it became a common practice to offer
novelty dolls in the hope it would increase sales. Many of these
dolls were advertising dolls. They became perennial favorites and
are still very popular with doll collectors today.
Here is a section from a site featuring the Louis Amberg dolls.

1924 Sunny Orange Maid or Sunny Orange Blossom, 14" tall, composition
shoulder head, arms & partial legs, cloth body with stitched shoulder
& hips, squeaker in body, short arms, painted blue eyes and lashes,
closed mouth, shown dressed in her original orange dress with short
jacket (not shown is her matching cap). Marked: L A & S/1924. 1924
Sunny Orange Maid, 14"


  1. I just purchased the 8" Sunny Orange Blossom from an estate sale- I cannot find much information at all about it; the is the first and only place I have found info about the 8" size doll! Any idea what it may be worth??

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  3. I don't see any value info for her. There is not much info on the L. Amberg dolls. If you follow my blog you will realize I like to find unusual info on dolls. I found a little info by googling, but no values. Hope this helps. Wow, what a find.

  4. Thanks! Wow, these are hard to find info for. Unusual dolls indeed!