Saturday, June 30, 2012

Two Pre Toni's

The Pre Toni as they are called by collectors are dolls that were made using the Toni body and head molds that have a mohair wig.  The painting is softer and they are slightly prettier than a Toni.  They are hard to find and collectors love them.

 This Pre  Toni's had has a  haircut.  I have not replaced the wig as it does not look too bad and it is her original mohair wig.  She is on a P-90 body..   
This Pre Toni has her original wig.  She is very rare as redheads are very hard to find. She is on a P-91 body.  She is unmarked.  There is a disagreement among collectors if these unmarked dolls are actually Ideal dolls or were knock-offs.  It is argued that they are indeed Ideal and were the first of the dolls made using the P-90 series of bodies and the Toni head molds.    I have found no conclusive evidence either way.  They are among my favorites.  Note the soft coloring on both these dolls.   
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