Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ideal P-90 Series Hard Plastic Bodies

The P-90 Ideal Body. The P-90 thru P-93 series of hard plastic doll
bodies are best known as the body of the Ideal Toni Doll, a very
popular doll from 1947 thru 1956. The Toni doll had a five piece
strung hard plastic body with a head all made of hard plastic. The
Toni is among the most collectible dolls of today.
The Ideal Toy Company sought to cash in on the popularity of these
dolls and the popularity of the new vinyl dolls, issued many dolls
using the P-90 series of bodies with vinyl heads.
Beginning in 1951, Ideal introduced "All Plastic Girl Doll". Using
the P-90 body and a vinyl head, mohair wig and sleep eyes. She was
attired in a dress, hat and front snap shoes. Also during this time period Ideal 
introduced an all  hard plastic doll using the Toni head mold on the P-90
body mold. This doll was named Sara Ann.  The only way to identify Sara
Ann is she has a saran wig, instead of the Nylon wig that Toni used.  Ideal
could sell this doll with out paying the expensive royalties to the Gillette
company for the Toni name.  
In 1952 and 1953, Ideal introduced "Betsy McCall" based on the famous
McCall's Magazine Paper Doll by the same name. Also a fourteen-inch
doll with the p-90 hard plastic body. Betsy had a vinyl head with a
glued on dark brown saran wig and brown eyes. Betsy's face was
sculpted by the famous doll sculptor Max Lipert. Her original price
was $7.95. Betsy was also issued in a twenty-inch version with
flirty brown eyes.
In 1953, came the introduction of "Ruth" a less expensive doll. The
reason Ruth cost less is that Ideal did not have to pay royalties for
a brand name. Ruth came on P-90. 92 and 93 bodies and had a vinyl
head with rooted hair. She wore a party dress and came with a set of
In 1955 and 56 Ideal introduced Princess Mary still using the P-90
set of bodies and a stuffed vinyl head with rooted brown saran hair.
Princess Mary was made in three sizes and also as a walker using the
P-90W bodies. Most of these dolls came dressed in a long rayon gown
with an attached slip. A few also came in play dresses.
Several of Ideals dolls considered to be all hard plastic have been
found with vinyl heads and rooted hair. These possibly being made at
the 1955-56 end of run of these dolls. The most notable dolls that
have been found are Toni and Mary Heartline. These dolls are
considered to be very rare.

Below are pictures of Sara Ann and Princess Mary, both of which I have in my
Toni collection. 


  1. Hello from Spain: very cute. I was not aware the Ideal Toni dolls. I see you are dolls for years. A very informative input. Keep in touch

  2. Thanks, Marta. Toni is the last doll I received as a child. I have loved Toni all my life and have collected them for years. One of my favorites.

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