Friday, June 22, 2012

Restoring Toni 1

Toni in 6 pieces.  The head of this Toni was one of a group of three heads I purchased.  The body was a separate purchase.  All the parts were very dirty.  I cleaned and repainted the body as it had lighter spots on it.  The face paint was very good and just required a good cleaning and the hair was washed.  The hair had been trimmed, so a trim was in order.  Since the hair was even, full and pretty, I decided not to replace the wig.  In the pictures below I am ready to string her.

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  1. Hi Betty,

    The Toni's are Beautiful. I have a few dolls that need restringing. Can't remember which ones since my operation.(50's dolls) Will have to look and let you know. Do you enjoy restringing? I will pay for the process and the mail fees back and forth. Have to go look for them. Will let you know what I have.

    Frannie from Thrift Store Dolls

  2. I need to know the kind of dolls, and if the hooks are still with the doll. If not I would need to get some.

  3. Will look this week and let you know. I used to have a doll store not far from me but has closed in the past 10 years. Thanks....Frannie