Monday, June 25, 2012

More P-90 Dolls

A Toni collector who has researched and collected Toni and related dolls for many years sent the following information to the Ideal Toni Group on Yahoo Groups and with her permission I am passing on the information.  There is so much to learn about the dolls that we love and collect.

Toni Family List
1.       ‘Pre-Toni’ ca. 1947-48, sold primarily through catalogs, such as Montgomery Ward; Sears, Roebuck & Co.; and Alden’s
2.       Toni - manufactured under license to Gillette, ca. 1949 – 1953 – all hard plastic, nylon wig only, 5 sizes
3.       Toni Walker - slimmer body type than Toni, referred to as having a sub-deb body. Each of the Toni walkers was ½-inch taller than its strung counterpart. All hard plastic, nylon wig only.
4.       Sara Ann - Toni’s successor. Made in same sizes as authentic Toni, but with saran wig and made from a different type of plastic (not painted). Retailed for about half the price of Toni.
5.       Sara Ann - Walker ??? It is questionable whether or not Sara Ann was ever made as a walker. Some sources say ‘yes’; others say ‘no’. I’ve never seen either a photo of a supposed Sara Ann Walker or an actual Sara Ann Walker doll..
6.       Betsy McCall - 1952 made under license with McCall Corp. 14 inch, P-90 ONLY. Strung doll only. Dark brunette saran wig; root-beer brown eyes. Other sizes were made by other companies later.
7.       Harriet Hubbard Ayer - 1953 - strung doll - hard plastic body and legs, vinyl head and arms, saran hair
8.       Miss Curity – P-90 (14 inches ONLY) - Strung doll - all hard plastic, blonde saran wig, heavy eye make-up. Nurse uniform. Ideal made a 7½-inch Miss Curity, but she is not considered a ‘Toni Family’ doll, as she was not made from the same parts as any Toni.
9.       Mary Hartline - 1952 - strung, P-91, P-94 all hard plastic platinum blonde side-part wig. Majorette costume in red (most common), royal blue, or green. As with Miss Curity, Ideal made a 7½-inch Mary Hartline, but she is not considered a ‘Toni Family’ doll, as she was not made from the same parts as any Toni.
10.   Mary Hartline - 1952 - walker, P-91, all hard plastic, platinum blonde side-part saran wig. Uncertain whether there was a P-94 Mary Hartline walker. The Mary Hartline walker is not listed in most books, but I have seen actual Mary Hartline walkers.
11.   Mary Hartline - 1954 - walker - vinyl head, rooted saran hair, white satin costume enhanced with gold heart motif
12.   Princess Mary –1953-56 - walker - hard plastic body, arms, & legs, stuffed vinyl head, saran hair
13.   Ruth - 1953-56 - strung - hard plastic body, arms, & legs, stuffed vinyl head, saran hair
NOTE: Ruth and Princess Mary are the same doll (same parts and head mold), except the Ruth is strung and Princess Mary is a (pin-hipped) walker.
14.   Ideal’s Walking Bride - 1955-56 - 14 inches - Vinyl head and body - Head marked W 90; body marked 90 W (NOT P-90 W). Not a true ‘Toni family’ member due to slightly different head and body molds, but books seem to group this doll with the Toni dolls.


  1. I am going to have to take pictures to send you on what Toni dolls that I actually have. I am not able to climb stairs yet, so when my older daughter comes over, I will ask her to go upstairs and bring one down to me to take a photo.

  2. Hello from Spain: I already see you do a great job with Toni. You do a wonderful job. Keep in touch