Friday, May 11, 2012

Restyling A Synthetic Wig

Restyling A Synthetic Wig.   –   These methods have worked many times for me, but each wig is different.  Try these methods at your own risk.  These methods are intended only as a last resort on a wig that is a real basket case.  Every doll's wig becomes messy if the doll is old enough.
Sometimes just a light touch up with a comb to smooth a few stray hairs is all that is needed
 Occasionally the wig becomes so messy a restyle is necessary.Don't know what your wig is made of?
Price is a pretty sure way to tell. The less expensive wigs are
almost always synthetic. However if it is human hair these methods
will not hurt it. They will even work to create a new style.
If the wig has just some hairs out of place, before making a major
job of it, try and smooth the hair with a comb or brush and blend the
loose offending hairs into the other hairs to smooth the wig. If
that does not work and the wig is a mess then it is time to re-
If I am going to do very much to a wig, I am going to clean it first
of all as they can get very dusty and therefore dirty. Wash the hair
just as you would your own using shampoo followed by conditioner.  Be sure and rinse the hair throughly.  While still wet begin to comb the hair starting at the
bottom of the hair. Also do not pull the hair  when combing
 as you do not want a bald doll. If a lot of hair is
coming out you are combing  too hard.  I have combed out wigs almost one hair at a time As the tangles are removed with the next strokes go higher. Continue this until all the tangles
are removed and the hair is smooth.
Now is the time to test the hair to see if you can use hot water to
set the curl. Fill a pan with clean water and bring to a full
rolling boil. Using only a few hairs in the back of the neck dip
them into the boiling water for just a few seconds. If the hair
cannot take the boiling water the hair will melt. Stop if the hair
melts then you will have to just roll the hair and the hair will not
be as curly or last as long, but it will look good. To style the
hair you will need:
* A pan of  water
* Shampoo and conditioner
* Towel
* Comb and brush
* End papers (make by cutting tissue paper or paper toweling in 2 x
3 " rectangles approximately)
*Curlers (The size depends on the size of the doll and kind of curl
wanted. I usually use perm rods from a home perm or small rollers.)
· Ribbon, barrette, bow or other hair decoration
Shampoo the hair and follow with conditioner. Towel dry gently so as
not to create tangles. Begin to roll the hair in small portions using
end papers to keep the ends together and straight.  Make sure the hair ends are straight or the hair will be crimped looking when the curlers are removed.   When the hair is completely
rolled if you did the heat test above you can now set the curl by
dipping the hair in the boiling water. Dip it for only a second.
Let the hair dry. This can take a long time depending on the length
and thickness of each curl.
I usually allow at least a full day. Remove the curlers and end
papers from the hair. The hair will be very curly. Brush out each
curl individually. When all are brushed out, brush the hair to blend
the curls. Again you will probably need to start at the bottom of
the hair. When brushed out and blended, now is the time to style.
The curl at this time is very tight, but will relax some with time.
If you are still not real happy and the ends look ragged, put a
hairnet drawn up to the shape of the hair and leave several days.
Remove the hairnet and you will see a big difference. If you still
have a few flighty hairs trim them off. Add any hair decoration such
as a barrette or ribbon. Just remember time and patience will pay

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