Monday, May 21, 2012

Coleco Doll Boxes

Boxes. Coleco used the yellow and green cellophane-windowed box with
a dark green insert from 1983 – 86. The 1984 – 85 boxes have rose-
red dated banners on the front. In 1986 the banner says "Official".
The box colors changed in 1987 to aqua and yellow with an aqua liner.
All the Coleco specialty lines had distinctive large boxes. The
Astronauts came in silver space capsules, Circus Kids in yellow and
red "Circus Tents". World Travelers came in travel trunks with
handles. Western Kids and Show Ponies came in barns and Cornsilk
kids were standing before a cardboard dresser. Hasbro has continued
the distinctive packaging for each product subgroup, but used smaller
more compact boxes. Mattel replaced the cellophane window with clear
plastic and used a green Cabbage Patch Bud logo print for the side
panels. Liners vary in color and design.
Collectors of these dolls do not agree whether a doll should be
kept "mint in box". Some like the Barbie collectors feel a doll
looses value when removed from it s original packaging. Others fell
Cabbage Patch Kids by their very nature as "Little People" are
intended to be unboxed so they can be cuddled and posed in play
scenes. The soft Sculpture Originals have never been boxed.
Space is also a factor on whether to box or unbox. The large boxes
damage easily and the colors can bleed onto the dolls unless special
care is taken. Most collectors, yours truly included hate boxes and
refuse to be a box collector. We want to love and enjoy our dolls.

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