Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baby Beans

The Beans Family
I am always looking for small cute dolls, stuffed bears, dogs or cats
to use as toys or pets for my dolls. These make cute low cost
additions to our doll collections and they add a lot to a display and
do not take up much room.
A darling family of dolls issued by Mattel in the 1970's is the Beans
Family of dolls. Each Beans Family doll came with a small baby or a
pet. It is the small dolls of this line of dolls that make the cute
toys and pets. There were also issued individual small dolls.
These dolls have vinyl heads and a soft bean bag body. There are four
Mama and Baby sets. A blonde, brunette, redhead and Afro Am. Set.
There is also a Daddy and Baby Beans set. The issues of these dolls
are as follows:

Mama and Baby Beans – issued in 1976. Stock # 9197. The mama is a
blue eyed blonde with a vinyl head and has a foam and fiber body. She
is 10 inches tall. She is wearing a brown dress with small flowers.
Her baby is 3-3/4 inches tall and has painted brown hair and blue
eyes. The baby is dressed in a yellow gown with red dots. The mama's
stockings are made of the same material.

Afro  Mama and Baby Beans. Stock # 9527. The mama has black
curly hair and brown eyes. Her dress is white with small flowers and
her stockings are blue. The babies gown is made of the same material.

Mama and Baby Beans. Issued in 1976. Stock # 9198. This set is the
same as the Afro set except they are Caucasian and have brown
hair and eyes. Their clothing is the same.

Mama and Baby Beans. Issued 1976. Stock 9199. This set features a
red haired mama and baby. Mama is wearing a green dress with small
flowers, a white apron, and pink and yellow stockings. Her baby/s
gown is pink and yellow stripped.

Daddy and Baby Beans. Issued in 1977. Stock # 9809. Daddy has blue
eyes and brown hair and a painted moustache. He wears blue jeans a
red top and brown boots. The baby is dressed in a yellow gown with
white dots.

Beans With Pet. Issued in 1977. Stock # 9806. A 10 inch girl with
violet eyes and brown hair. She is wearing a blue and white gingham
dress with a white apron. She is holding a pet chicken.

Another Beans and Pet. Issued in 1977. Stock # 9808. A 10 inch
blonde blue eyed boy wearing blue coveralls and a yellow and orange
shirt. He is holding a white dog with brown ears.

Shoe Baby Beans. Issued in 1979. Stock # 2951. This is a series of
dolls based on Mother Goose's Old Woman Who Lived In a Shoe.

Ballerina Beans , Part of the above issue. A soft bodied 2 ½ inch
ballerina with brown eyes and hair. She is marked on the back of her

Shoe Baby Bedtime Baby Beans. Issued in 1979. Stock # 2950. This is
a blonde, blue eyed baby wearing a blue sleeper.

Shoe Baby Pretty Party Beans. Issued 1979, Stock # 2952. A boy with
brown hair and eyes. He wears a large mischievous grin. He is
dressed in an orange playsuit with a hood,

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  1. Hello from Spain: congratulations on this entry as informative. Mattel babies with cloth body are adorable. I like your varied collection of dolls and clothing. keep in touch.