Monday, May 21, 2012

Rare Coleco Cabbage Patch Dolls

The Cabbage Patch Kids. Toy makers do not release how many of each
doll in any given year they are producing. Therefore only time can
tell us which doll is rare and hard to find. Always factory mistakes
and when only a few of any design are made these immediately become
the rarities. Only when collectors stay in touch and let it be known
what they are looking for do they realize what doll is a rarity.
Just be careful that a rare doll is not one that has been tampered
with and made a rarity.
One of the most well known and hard to find Cabbage Patch dolls is
the Coleco 1983 freckled kids (The # 2 mold with small eyes) are very
hard to find in mint condition. Especially those with dark skin.
It was realized early in 1984 that the Cabbage Patch dolls appealed
not only to the little girls, but also to their mother's and
grandmothers. Some collectors treat their dolls as members of the
family. They dress them for holidays, take them on trips and pose
them around the house. Some collectors want only the very pristine
mint in box dolls and other search flea market and garage sales
looking for the doll to restore. No two collectors are alike. Do
you have a Cabbage Patch collection? Where do you fall in the
collecting category?
As you know I am a garage sale collector and I have had many Cabbage
Patch dolls I have restored and I am always looking for just the
right original clothing or accessory and shoes. I also have had a few
Koosa Dolls and some Furskins. If you don't know about Koosa's and
Furskins they are an extension of the Cabbage Patch line. I will
cover them in a future article. Also in my collection is an
original Cabbage Patch doll from the Doll Hospital in Cleveland, GA.
She is not dressed in her original clothing and I do not know her
One day I will send her to the hospital in Cleveland, GA and have her
redressed, as I understand they do this for their dolls. They will
also clean a dirty one.
This will end our study of Cabbage Patch dolls for now


  1. The soft faced cpk dolls while more expensive I wouldn't consider rare they are the ones that sell for more, cost more to originally buy too. For that alone I don't really care for them and most my friends don't either, none of us were rich kids so none of us had one. I am a garage sale/Craigslist/swap-meet searcher. I don't even really intentionally buy rare ones but I have a good list of 300 or so other moms on my Instagram, Facebook or twitter that all had one and are more than pleased when I stumble across the same kind they had as a child so I buy it up and try to match it into an appropriate cpk outfit and try to do a good clean on them and get them back presentable to be shipped out. These definitely aren't collectors but more so moms who want their child to have a cpk just like they did. I occasionally keep the outfits I like the most for my daughter!s collection. I usually also will do a quick search and see if the doll is one of the more coveted like the bean butt babies or they're gorgeous little knit outfits. I find many pieces to these outfits and usually once I have a duplicate set and doll I'll sell it on eBay after I restore it a bit.

  2. I have one that I can not seem to find anything on. His name is Gordon Elwin. he is bald has a pacifier no hole in his mouth. manufactured in Hong Kong

  3. Is a CPK with head mold 27 (Auburn, thick almost twine-like hair, no dimples, no freckles, tounge out to one side) rare? I can't find it anywhere...
    Thanks for any info!