Friday, March 29, 2013

Toni's New Coats

 Brrrrrrr.....  It has been horribley cold here. Snow.  Lots of snow. So I have been saying home more.  I have filled this time sewing for my dolls.  I have been busy sewing for the Tudor dolls and also my Toni dolls.    I posted some time ago a picture of one of my P-91 Toni's in her new coat.  Well now several of my P-90 Toni's now have coats.  You ask what is a P-90, P-91 Toni?  The P-91 is a Toni that is 15 inches tall.  the P-90 is 14 inches tall.  In other words it tells you the height of the doll, 

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  1. Hello from Spain: in my country also is very cold and rain. I really like all coats. My favorite is the red. Your sew very well. Your doll collection is awesome. We keep in touch.

  2. Hi Betty, You did an excellent job with these pretty coats. I love the scarf. I have a potato chip scarf mad with the same lacy yarn. Looks great with the coat.
    I am a new follower. Come join me as I often post pictures of Savannah and it' surrounds.
    Blessings, Ginger