Monday, March 18, 2013

I Found It!!!

My New Doll Trunk
I love it!


My new doll trunk!  I am very excited about it, it is exactly what I was looking for.  I had several trunks I had used with Nell, Sally and Meg Tudor, but they were all too small.  Since I now also have Emma ( I still have to put her together and make clothes for her.) They really needed a larger trunk. Emma is larger then her sisters and I have am looking for Molly, the fifth doll in the series of Tudor dolls.
 My daughter and I went to Hobby Lobby to look for some yarn she wanted.  Just on a chance I went over to the area where the baskets are to see if maybe there was something suitable to be a trunk for the Tudor dolls.  I was thrilled to see they had a good selection of small trunks.  They  have about a dozen different styles and three sizes in each. I liked the size of the middle sized trunk.  I looked at the price, it was 24.99.  Well this was more than I wanted to pay as I am a thrift store shopper.  I remembered Hobby Lobby has on their web site a coupon usually for 40% off.    We went back next day with coupon  in hand.  They had sold a lot of the trunks, but still had a very good selection.  I choose the one I wanted and unlatched it so look inside.  When I unlatched it I realized the lid was warped on one side.  It was only noticible when the lid was unlatched.  For my purposes it would either be latched or stand open with the lid up to show the contents.  They did not have any more in the size and style I wanted.  When I got to check out I showed the warped lid to the cashier and asked if they would discount it. She called her manager and he told her to give me the close out price which was $8.67 including  tax.  I gave my coupon to another shopper as I didn't need it.  I am thrilled with my trunk.  Nell, Sally and Meg fit perfectly in it and when Emma joins them it will still be roomy enough for Molly if I can ever find her.  I have thought about lining the interior,  the natural finish inside is very pretty, but I am worried that it will effect the doll clothing fabrics.  I don't know yet what I'm going to do.  


  1. Hello from Spain: great find. A trunk with many possibilities. Keep in touch

  2. Nice find! I love trunks. These old looking trunks are perfect, as they are not very expensive (especially on closeout!) and there is no worry about ruining an antique. :)

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