Friday, March 29, 2013

More New Coats for Toni

Toni is wearing a new coat.  It has been very cold here, and I have been sewing.  My daughter has been making pretty lace scarves.  She took a small scrap of the lace and made Toni a pretty scarf to match her coat.

I made another Toni a coat in red.  Three Toni's have coats now.
I don't think I will be making more coats this year as the last several days have melted most of the snow and I went out today without a heavy coat. I think spring is beginning to peep out.  I am ready for Spring.

Toni is so proud of her new coat she wanted a picture by herself modeling her coat.
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  1. Lovely! My Toni is a little jealous - she has to stay indoors during the winter.