Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Little Known Dolls - Pirate Chieftan

Little Known Dolls. Pirate Chieftan is one of the dolls that
is not widely known. This character comes from the 1924 book by
Johnny Grunell, Raggedy Ann and Andy and The Camel With The
wrinkled Knees.
In the book Raggedy Ann & Andy meet up with the camel in the woods
and they all go looking for a nursery doll that is missing and they
come across a group of angry pirates. Pirate Chieftan is their
Pirate Chieftan is an eighteen-inch felt doll by Volland. He is one
of ten different dolls form the Raggedy Ann & Andy series of
stories. The doll has a large nose, rosy cheeks, black button eyes,
black yarn hair and beard. His hat is yellow felt with a red
stripped lower crown. Small gold buttons and a white collar trim
his pink jacket. He wears purple short pants and a black belt. He
has red and white cloth legs and gold felt boots with a black cloth
buckle. He has a gold dagger tucked in his belt. Hidden under his
hair is a pirate ship silhouette.
An eighteen-inch in played with condition is worth $500.00. In like
new condition he is worth $2,500.00 and mint in box $4,000.00 up. A
nice booty for a scurvy old pirate.

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  1. Hello from Spain: thanks for telling the story of the pirate. I did not know this story .. Keep in touch