Friday, January 25, 2013

A Beautiful Gift

I am a member of D.O.L.L.S online doll club.  Each Christmas we exchange gifts.  Being far apart, we have members all over the U.S., it is hard to know the tastes and flavor of each others doll collections.  But somehow we seem to always receive just the right gifts.  This  is what I received this year from a fellow member that resides half the country away.  The package arrived several days before Christmas.  The outer wrappings were all postal.  When I removed all that there was a square package wrapped in red paper with blue ribbons.  I am sorry, but I did not take a picture before I unwrapped my gift as I am like a kid when a present arrives.
The beautiful box containing the gift as you can see was a gift in itself.  Upon opening it, there was a piece of red tissue paper covering the items.  Under the tissue was a beautiful Japanese Kimono outfit complete with shoes and black wig for Bleuette.  Also, enclosed  in the gift was a picture of my club members Bleuette modeling the outfit.  With the outfit were two adorable small sock monkey's and a miniature nutcracker for Bleuette.  

This is my Bleuette, Amelie, modeling her new Japanese Kimono and wig she received for Christmas.  I think she is quite beautiful in it.  Thank you Jeanne.       


  1. How nice! You lucky girl! Your doll looks lovely in her kimono!

  2. Hello from Spain: that gift so beautiful. The box is gorgeous .. The doll is pretty. Keep in touch