Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another Tudor Doll For My Trunk

 Meet Meg Tudor.

Meg is the doll that was originally owned by my Grandaughter.  If you remember previously There were three dolls that my daughter, granddaughter and I made.  Of the three dolls, Nell was my original doll.  My daughter got Sally and has her in a trunk that she is making clothing and accessories for, and my granddaughter got Meg. 
Several months ago I purchased another Sally on ebay and put her together and made her several dresses.  (Refer back several articles to my new trunk doll) 
My granddaughter and I were talking one day and she told me she no longer had an interest in Meg as she loves the lollapuluzi dolls. The other day she brought Meg and gave her to me.  Meg did not have any clothing except pantaloons.  So I borrowed a dress from Sally and dressed her.  To give her something of her own I crocheted her a shawl as it has been very cold here. 
The three dolls are again united .  Nell is the black haired one, Meg is the red head and Sally is the blonde.  Nell and Meg are 12 inches tall and Sally is 13 inches tall.

I have also acquired Emma, another doll in the series.  I have to put Emma together and make her some clothing.  Emma is 14 inches tall.  Also I am looking for a trunk that will hold all four dolls and their clothing.  Currently Nell and Sally each have a trunk, but neither will hold two dolls and clothing.  I don't know exactly what kind of trunk I am  looking for, but when I find it I will immediately know it. Oh, the thrill of the hunt.....


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  1. Oh, dear! I have been getting interested in chinas - repros, for me. Pretty soon, there will be no room left in my little house. :)

  2. i have one of those dolls it has brown short curly hair and rosey cheeks and blue eyes and she is wearing a green dress with a bonnet and she has "meg" tudor 1978 on the inside

  3. I bought a Sally Tudor doll signed and dated 1980 at a yard sale for $2 can u tell me more about it? Thank you