Tuesday, September 4, 2012

WOO HOOOO!!! Second Package Has Arrived!

My second package has arrived and the two blonde Toni's are gorgeous!  These dolls are both 14"
 P-90 Ideal Toni's.   I just love to get packages in the mail.  It makes me feel like a small child on Christmas morning. After taking the dolls out of the package  and inspecting them I find they need little or no restoration and are clean as can be.  One doll has a blemished cheek which will have to be worked on, but beyond that they look good.  The hard thing was deciding which new doll to dress first,  I tried one of the new dresses I had been making on the dolls and it looked best on one of the platinum blonds.  The dress is done in pink crochet with matching socks and hat.
Usually I want my dolls dressed in either original or original looking clones of their original clothes, and this Toni may be dressed like that at a later date.  But, for now she is beautiful in the pink crochet dress, socks, and hat.    I will be dressing the other dolls in the coming days.
In looking around there are suddenly many doll projects to be done.  I have crocheted two doll dress bodices, one in green and one in blue.  I think instead of crocheting the skirts to the dresses, I will put a fabric skirt on them.  I need to make socks to match..... 


  1. The dresses sound very pretty. Can you share your secret for removing blemishes from the doll's face? I see marks like that a lot and pass on them because I don't know how to fix it.

  2. This blemish looks like the flesh paint was taken off for some reason and in order not to have white spot, they took some kind of red substance and filled it in. I am going to remove the red substance and touch up with flesh paint and let it dry good and then reblush the cheek. I am hoping this works. The tricky part is marching the paint color. It is always cahncey and some jobs look better than others. I always notice my repairs more than the casual looker as I know exactly what was done. I will post pictures when I am done with her.