Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Toni Dressed In Pink

Dressed At Last
One of my new platinum Blonde Toni's is wearing a pink crocheted dress.  I have used this dress and hat pattern before for Toni.  The only pattern adjustment that has to be made is to add one row at the waist and several rows to the length.  The hat fits good as the ribbon adjusts the hat to her head. 

I used Crochet bedspread cotton and a 00 crochet hook.
Lace was addded to the neck of the dress 
Toni has on crocheted socks to match her dress and hat and
lace has been added to the cuff of the socks to complete
the outfit.

Toni is a beautiful doll.
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  1. Very pretty! Pink is a lovely color on her.

  2. Hello from Spain: wow, wow ... Toni is very pretty. I love the pink dress and socks. She has very pretty hair, nice photos. Keep in touch

  3. I'm joining the others in saying she's very pretty. :)