Friday, February 4, 2011

Who Is This Chatty?

I have looked Chatty over.  She has cleaned up nicely with no real flaws. Her two front teeth are missing.  Her fingers are all there and there are no scratches or chew marks as is sometimes found on dolls that have been played with.  I have tried her pull string, but she is silent.  At least her string is tightly in place and not hanging out.  She appears also to have had a slight haircut.  Her eyebrows and freckles are a little faded, but you find that on most Chattys.  There are no manufactures marks on her.  Her speaker is a cloth covered circle.  The shape and covering of the speakers was different most years Chatty was made. Since I love to know the history of my dolls, I emailed a friend and described her and asked her to look her up in an identification book.  She emailed me back that she thought I had a #1 Chatty made in 1959.  WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! A number 1. WOW! 52 years old!

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