Saturday, February 5, 2011

OMG! Chatty Has No Drawers!

I have a nice clean Chatty.  But, no clothes.  I have been looking at the patterns that I have to find a pattern that might work, but none come even close. The best thing that ever happened to doll restoration and collecting is google and ebay.   I don't want at this time to spend any money, so that pretty much eliminates ebay.  I have googled Free Chatty Cathy dress pattern, after looking for quite a while  the closest thing I found was a bunch of retired American Girl patterns and they are free.  You just have to download and print them.  I usually print patterns like this as these sites can disappear..  You might want to bookmark this site if you sew for you dolls. These patterns can be found at:
I spent the better part of an afternoon looking for a free pattern for Chatty.  I finally found a multi-sized one that also has a slip and panties.
Due to the instruction about property rights on this site I cannot link you to this site, but, go to google and put in the search bar:  free doll dress patters 18-22 inches and it will give you the dress pattern page.  At the bottom of that page are links to a panties and a slip pattern.
I printed out the patterns.   This site gives the measurement of the doll the dress and undies had been made for so you can adjust for fit.  I was glad to see that as I am not good at fitting patterns.
I pulled out my fabric stash for some white cotton, elastic and lace to make the undies.   Panties first as I have a thing about a girl with no drawers.  Here is Chatty in her new panties.   

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