Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentines Day is approaching

All of a sudden it came to me Valentines Day is almost here.  For each holiday I usually like to make a small display using some of my dolls.  This year I am using Ideal's Toni.  About a week ago I make a picture of one of my Toni's with some vintage Valentines I found on the internet to post on the Ideal Toni Group on Yahoo.  (Google: free printable vintage valentines) We are doing a Valentines challenge and I am making Toni several new Valentine dresses this year for that. 

When in the Dollar Tree several weeks ago, I saw a package of 10 cute little plastic boxes in the shape of a heart. Hey, for a dollar I can play. I have been thinking since of something to do with them for the display other than just sit them around.  Not having a lot of time to put into them, simple was the plan. It was snowing Sunday afternoon and a good day for a project.  It took me quite a while to find the supplies I needed as I am not all that organized as everything is in my bedroom and I store it where I can. 

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