Monday, February 9, 2015

"Loving You Valentine" Barbie from 1983

I have been sadly downsizing my huge doll collection.  Just too many dolls and all the stuff that goes with them.  I am currently selling my vintage Barbie collection.  I have about 100 of them.  No, I don't have a number 1, a number 2 or 3.  I do have an original Midge and Alan, and many from the late sixties to the mid eighties.  Most all of mine have been played with and restored by me.  I have spent much time collecting the old clothes one piece at a time for them and researching them.  A lot of fun, but like all things, it is time to call it a day.  I have been listing some of them on ebay with limited success as most collectors of that era want mint in box.  Well as those of you that know me know I am no box collector.  I want my dolls to be handled and loved.  Not sitting in a box.    I just mailed off a very pretty Barbie to a new home and I want to share her with you. At 32 years of age she is still beautiful. She is a Valentine Barbie in her original clothing.  She is the "Loving You" Valentine Barbie from 1983.

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  1. Me, too! I feel the same way -- that a doll should be handled and loved. I'm not a huge collector -- just a fan of the subject of dolls.