Friday, April 5, 2013

My First Doll Quilt

My first doll quilt was made about three years ago when I broke my ankle and needed something to do. I could not walk  and was sitting around a lot as I could not put weight on my ankle for almost three months.  I do not sit well for very long without something to do.   I had been given some fabric by my therapist and this piece as well as the piece used for the backing and the binding was in the bag.  I decided on the size I needed the quilt to be and cut the heart print to be the front and I cut the backing piece large enough to be folded over and used for the binding also.  I cut the batting sheet the size of the quilt front.  Since I have never pieced a quilt before I was glad this fabric gave the appearance of piecework without actually having to do it.  I did sew this quilt completely by hand as I had the time.  After the quilt was put together, I them hand stitched around each heart and other design details to give it the quilted look.  You cannot see this detail in the pictures, but it is there and gives it the puffy look of a real hand pieced quilt.
Maybe one day I will try and cut the pieces and put them together, but for now I am quite happy with my "cheater" quilt.   
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