Friday, April 5, 2013

Making Doll Quilts

 Laying out the quilts.  I have four quilts to make.  On my last trip to Goodwill, they were having a fabric sale.  Twenty nine cents a piece.  There was a piece that had five squares that would make sweet doll quilts. the design on the fabric gave it a pieced look.   I am making four of them and my daughter is making the fifth one.  I picked a matching red and some unbleached muslin to back the quilts with.  I pinning them together and used the sewing machine to construct them.  I am going to do the outline and quilting stitches by hand.  I used some scrap pieces of quilt batting to pad them.

This picture shows the top quilt all put together with the second one ready to sew and the others with the layers pinned together to sew.
Layer the fabric square with the extension added for the quilt top, a piece of quilt batting and the fabric for the back and pin together.  Machine stitch around the outside leaving an opening to turn the quilt to the right side.
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