Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Suzy Cute by Deluxe Reading/Topper Toys

Suzy Cute was made by Deluxe Reading also known as Topper Toys  Suzy made of vinyl was seven inches tall and when you pressed her tummy she would lift her arms to be picked up and her facial expression changed.  She was also a drink and wet doll.  The marks on her head are:  Deluxe Reading Corp. (c) 1964  268 GFX.
Suzie had many clothing sets and even had her own line of small furniture. She came with a crib, complete with mattress and a book and accessory guide listing all the pretty things for Suzy.  Some of the furniture sets were a walker/feeding chair combination, a pram type baby buggy, baby crib.  The furniture sets came in red and yellow or pink and blue color combinations.
Some of the clothing sets were:  Hop, Skip 'N Jump.  This set has a white cotton top with lace and blue trim     with elephants embroidered on the front  and a matching set of panties.  Also included was a pacifier and a bow for her hair, a pink plastic bunny  and a catalog booklet.
Fancy Frills has a pretty blue dress with white flowers for her own first birthday party.
For a ride in her stroller Suzie has Sugar and Spice which is a yellow and white and has a pretty bow for her hair.
To swing and slide on her own swing set she has a blue and white jumpsuit called:  Skip, Hop, Jump.
When winter comes Suzie will be very warm and snug in her red snowsuit with white fur trim.              
After a day of fun she can cuddle with her stuffed animal in a soft white sleeper.
There were many other clothing sets including the pink dress with coat and matching hat pictured on my Suzy Cute.
Suzy is all vinyl with painted blue eyes and small white teeth and rooted short blonde hair.  She is a very pretty and well made little doll.  A nice small doll to add to your collection.


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