Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Crocheting A Dress For Toni And A Thrift Store Find

 I found a crochet dress pattern on the internet that I could adapt for Toni.  I had some soft baby weight wool from an earlier trip to the Thrift store.  Below are two pictures of toni in the finished dress and hat.  This Toni is the Pre-Toni I restored a while back.  She had a severe haircut, but since it was her original mohair wig, I decided to not replace it.  I think the hat is perfect on her as it covers the hair and enhances her face,
   In the bag from the Thrift Store was this sweater and pocketbook.  It goes perfectly with Toni's new dress.  The color is not a match, but it is a lightrer shade of the same green.  How great is that! 
 See what else was in the bag!
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