Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sunshine Family by Mattel

The Sunshine Family.
The Sunshine Family of dolls was introduced by Mattel Inc. in 1973.
These dolls had hard plastic bodies and vinyl heads and arms. Their
knees were jointed which allowed them to sit. All members of the
Sunshine Family have rooted hair and inset eyes. The dolls were made
to reflect the back to the land way of life.
In 1973, three members of the family were introduced. All the dolls
introduced that year had paper wrist tags and pockets in their
Steve. 9-1/2 inches tall. Father to the family. He has brown
rooted hair and brown inset eyes.
Stephanie. 9 inches tall. Mother to the family. She has blonde
rooted hair and blue inset eyes. She is wearing a short sleeved one-
piece dress with pockets and a white apron. She also has a paper
wrist tag.
Sweets The Baby. 3 inches tall. Sweets was made of vinyl and the
only joint is at the neck and head. The baby has blonde rooted hair
and blue inset eyes and is wearing a yellow one-piece romper.
Accessories offered were a Sunshine Family house with four rooms and
four kinds of craft kits. Dress up kits were also offered.
1975 Sunshine Grandparents were introduced. Also that year the Happy
Family was introduced that had three black members and a set of black
Happy Family grandparents. Accessories were a bicycle built for two
and a yellow pick-up with a camper on the back.
1977 A new Sunshine Family was introduced wearing new clothing.
There were no pockets in the clothes. Accessories for that year
included a family farm and a green produce truck.
1978 The Sunshine Fun Family and the Happy Fun Family was
introduced. Each family had four members.
There was one item included with each set of dolls. An Idea Book
that encouraged doll owners to be creative and use their imagination.
The Sunshine Family doll marks are:
Neck Mattel Inc Back 1973
Mattel Inc


  1. I remember these from my childhood. I wonder what ever happened to them?

  2. You can still find them. They are hard to find though.